Wing Chun is a unique close quarter fighting system from Southern China. Its roots are from the Siu Lam Monastery and were used as its own secretive internal security. The fighting methods were only taught to the most trusted disciples from each generation and was never revealed to outsiders.

The art is an offensive style which focuses on the philosophy of 'strike to defend', utilizing explosive short-range power attacks and the ability to control the opponent by mastering the centre line.

The three main principles used are; economy of motion, simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike most other styles Wing Chun techniques consists of straight line punching, low kicks, trapping, sensitivity drills and allows the freedom to express oneself.

Soft, supple but unyielding; forceful and firm but not rigid or inflexible.

Non-Classical Gung Fu was founded by Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's first student and assistant instructor from 1959 to 1964.

Jesse Glover came up with the name after asking Bruce Lee for permission to teach his own class. Bruce Lee agreed with the condition that Jesse should not call it Wing Chun or Jun Fan.

Non-Classical Gung Fu uses the basic principles that were taught to Jesse Glover by Bruce Lee but throughout the years Jesse has developed it to make it his own unique system of fighting.

Below is a hand written letter by Jesse Glover with a list of his approved students from Europe and the UK.

We are proud to have two students (Seyfi Shevket and Abdul J Tarafder) listed on the letter in our school.

Jesse Glover Facebook page